Alan Richard Ciofalo, Sr.

Alan Richard Ciofalo, Sr. Born: 07/29/1946 Hometown: Bronx, New York ALAN RICHARD CIOFALO Sr, has been in hiding from Child-Support since 1980 and has brainwashed and hid his Son, Keeping his two children isolated from each other for many years. Sibling Alienation is not the only thing he has done. Besides abandoning his daughter and never paying child support for… Read More »

Alan Richard Ciofalo, Sr.

Alan Richard Ciofalo Sr, Born 07/29/1946 had fled from his hometown Bronx, New York while parentally kidnapping his son in the 80′s. He has been residing in the central Florida area for years. He has always been manipulative and a story teller of lies against him. The truth is simple he put his son is danger and also had spouses… Read More »

Arita Marie Peredo Phillips

She’s 22,000$ in debt to child support and moves so much that the courts can’t locate her. She ain’t even tryin to find a job cause she just don’t want to pay child support. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Arita Marie Peredo-Phillips

She’s over 22,000$ in debt with child support for 3 kids, she moves so much that child support can’t locate her. She ain’t even tryin to find a job cause she just don’t want to pay child support. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Kayla Yax

Is the egg donor to twins (boy/girl). Was ordered to pay $6.00 in medical support back in 2013 but does not even do so, she has not seen her children in years, tried to set consoling up for her and the children an she leaves town. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Eric Lee Roland

Mr.Roland has 2 child support cases in the state of North Carolina where he used to live. But ran to Florida to hide from having to pay. He hasn’t seen or spoke to any of his kids in over 7 years. He will pay a lil for a few months and then stop. He says he needs his money and… Read More »

Ned Thurman

Refused to pay his small court ordered part of his child’s college bills and medical insurance © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Ernest Kenneth Nicholson Jr.

Ernest owes several thousands of dollars in child support for his two children, who reside in Potomac, Maryland. He poses as a Vice President for a Virginia energy company called Sagent Energy and his residency is in either South Carolina or Virginia. He drives a Mercedes GL 450 silver wagon with South Carolina plates 14140. Ernest has resisted supporting his… Read More »

Salvatore caggiano

Sammy pay your support, and pay the outstanding agreement you made with me and your lawyer. You buy your daughter a pony, your wife a Mercedes, you’ve got your Caggiano General Engineering making well over $400.000 a year. If anyone o See this ‘man’ tell him he owes his kid his support. © 2014 - Warn others about this… Read More »

Joshua Lee Grant

Josh has 2 children that he doesnt take care of or pay support on. His oldest child l lives in Kentucky and has recieved $100 in child support in 8 years. He has a warrant from there for failure to pay. Josh also has another child in Georgia that he refuses to see or help raise or support. Josh is… Read More »

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