Erick Sin

His real name is Mark, Quiles! His middle name is Erikson. Girls if this guy ever charms you. RUN!!! He’s not the guy you all think he is. He likes to get away with anything and everything. Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way what kind of evil monster this man really is… If you want more information… Read More »

Mark Quiles

This deadbeat fuck is a horrible person. He gets away with almost anything. When I Use to live with him he would always always argue with me about anything he could think of. So one night I told him I was moving out…. He got mad and clearly told me if he finds out I got pregnant by him ;… Read More »

Vyacheslav Korniyenko

This is Vyacheslav Korniyenko (Slava or Max). He currently lives in Ft Lauderdale Fla. He likes to pose as a “family man” and chase after single mothers. He spent three years convincing me that he only wanted a family with me. We got married and he planned a honeymoon baby. As soon as I got pregnant he walked out on… Read More »

Steve Thomas

Father of three is on the run on his third Warrant for NOT paying any child support..self employed,New business is called ‘Start Total Maintenance EBI’ located in Chantilly,VA. He currently has around 175,000 in back Arrearages.. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Mark Quiles

He has never been there for his son , And thinks I’m after him for money , when he can barely take care of himself. Ladies be careful if you ever meet this individual. He lied to me about his own name when I fist met him. I had to dig through his drawers to find his ID just to… Read More »

Rahsaan Felix

Ladies beware. This man is the classic deadbeat dad. Is partial to girls. Has always showered me with gifts and not had any real interest in his son. He went to federal prison for 8+ years. He married a pastor in prison, used her then divorced her when he got out. He is currently attending the Word Church in Cleveland… Read More »

Mark Quiles

This man has a son with me That wants abosolutely nothing to do with him. 13 years ago when I once lived with him…. He told me that if I ever left him and got pregnant by him; He said he would take me to court to take our child away from me. This man would always start arguments and… Read More »

Melba Salmon

Owes over $20,000 in child support. Hasn’t seen her daughter in 2 years. Has a Masters degree and counsels kids yet barely speaks to her own. She claims to be a Christian but her actions speak louder than words. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Marcus Samuel

Marcus or “Marc” has an 11 year old daughter which he has never seen or helped her mother with in any way, until 2007 the state of TN took Marc for Child Support for the child. The child Jillie was diagnosed with Autism when she was 2 & half years old. The State of TN didn’t order no back pay… Read More »

Gregory Victor Duggan

Only supports one of his two children. Abandoned daughter. Never paid child support. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

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