Sophia Wexler

This woman is a horrible deadbeat, and a pathetic POS! Here she is with her latest boyfriend,Brian LePore. He supports the fact that his obese, and money grubbing “girlfriend” spends money on the two of them instead of the second child she abandoned almost a year ago! Fat Sophia calls you family after dating you for two months? Everyone knows… Read More »

Hermelindo “Melo” Badillo

Hermelindo “Melo” Badillo woke up one day after eight years of being a dad and decided he didn’t want to be a parent anymore. He left his six and eight year old daughters. He doesn’t see them or have any contact with them nor does he help support them financially. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Brian Kenneth Jones

© 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

John Nordmeyer

John Nordmeyer who works as the IT Director at Union Wireless in Evanston, WY is a complete dead-beat dad who keeps violating the support & medical reimbursement clauses in our separation agreement. He has completely abandoned me with my two wonderful son who want nothing to do with him because he refuses to pay the correct child support, spousal support… Read More »

Crystal Choruzek

Smoked crack while pregnant. Now abuses and neglects both daughters physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, etc. Mentally and economically unstable.. Cannot provide for children and fails to make an effort in doing so. Continually drags them around the state for weeks and sometimes months at a time going from school district to school district so now both kids are academically 2… Read More »

I Know Who You Are

This is for the bitch that did that to diana toney and her family i know who you are now lets see how u like it when they start fucking with ur family and friends in these streets © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Benjamin F. Day Jr.

It’s long, but when isn’t a story about a deadbeat short and sweet. I met this loser in h.s. He dated my best friend. We lost contact for 12 yrs. cuz he was violent to his girlfriend. I rehooked up with him by accident, we got drunk and one thing led to another and 9 mos. later my angel was… Read More »

Joshua Deavis

Dis NEGRO,RUNNING AROUND,SLANGING DICK,CITY TO CITY,MAKING BABIES WIT ALL KINDS OF HOES N NOT TAKING CARE OF THEM.HE 36,Blk,Dreads,n 6FeetTALL.n BlkAssHell.He Think He Gone Run Forever,But Lets ChangeThat.Inform On His Ass.He Beats Woman n Children,n Does not care about Braking The Law.WATCH OUT.DONT GET SKEETED IN BY THIS ONE. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Joshua D. Ellison

He rather take care of OTHER WOMAN CHILDREN THEN HIS OWN.He is A Convicted Abuser,DrugDealer,and On The Run Right NOW.Known On The NW side OfAtlanta,GA.Refuses To Do AnythingFor His Children,Unless He Is Getting Something In Return.Also,the Girl In Picture is his MINOR-16YEARS OLD,BABY MOTHER,ME.HIT ME UP ON FACEBOOK IF U SEE HIM@Brittany Prettyface Mitchell.And he gave me an STD.He Is… Read More »

Darius Edward Madison

His name is Darius Madison,he has a 10year-old son,He Refuses to pay any Child Support For,but He is Working,and post videos on Youtube,about Money.He Owes 18THOUSAND $$$ in Child Support.IF U SEE HIM,PLS LET IT BE KNOWN,HE IS A DEADBEAT.NicknamePOLO. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

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