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Tikie Meda Johnson




This female is not a woman. Says she is a mother, not a “mommy”. She’s had her kids taken from her before and her life goal is to party and drink. She’s a 31 year old alcoholic who has people fooled thinking she’s mommy of the year when in all actuality, she is a dead beat. She voluntarily quit her job and has been living off of government assistance for months while thotting around and exposing her 3 daughters and son to multiple men. She fights in the streets and is a poor example of a woman. Smokes packs of cigarettes around her kids including her 1 year old daughter and sends them to school in dirty clothes and that’s if she takes them at all. Her baby is being neglected and her kids are sleeping on the floor. She constantly tries to bring her children’s father down and begged him to take her back after she had her son take that stand in court to lie about being abused by him for the second time. Lies! All lies! She does nothing, but smoke, drink, party, and takes advantage of the system. Dirty, ugly, ratchet, jobless, worthless, DEADBEAT alcoholic!!!! Save her kids from her please!!!

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