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Michelle Lynn Gillett

Meet Michelle Lynn Gillett Michelle and I were married for 25 years. She decided to meet a guy on the internet and find out if the grass was greener. Which maybe it was, dont know. She married Josh, just has his own kids and I am sure Michelle loves them just like any good step mother would. Problem is we have 2 kids together. She was ordered to pay support which she did for a while, but since vanished. She promised she would stay in contact no matter what with the kids, she has not. If you have any information at all I would at least like to know she is ok. I would like for her to live up to the promises she made.. Oh and you see this Michelle my sons birthday is in a few days, maybe you will at least say happy birthday, you missed the last one, and graduation and christmas.





Michelle Doerschlag

She met a guy on the internet, well several guy's on the net. Last I knew she was in Oklahoma. Ordered by the court to pay support for my son and has not payed a dime. After being with her for 25 years her true self came out.





Michelle Doerschlag

After 25 years of marriage Michelle decided to find a new guy on the internet and leave us, always thinking the grass is greener somewhere else. She was ordered to help with our son. if you have any info please let me know

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