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Athony (tony) Covino Jr

Here it is 2017 and mr. Covino still owes child support of $22,000 he has paid $62 in 5 months, he tells people still to this day that he is a good father but hasn't seen his son but a handful of times never bought him a Christmas present never sends his son a card nothing. Yes he is still telling people that I will not let him see his son and that is the truth because his alcohol and drugs are priority to him being a father. He has been in contempt I can't even count how many times any longer, Tony will come up with every excuse in the book not to pay child support for his son. Tony keeps bouncing from house to house so he can avoid paying child support he has not filed taxes since 2013 he has moved many many times I can't keep track of him Tony will work under the table just to avoid paying any type of child support for his one and only child, Tony will date older women only because they will support him. He tells people in the court systems that he has cancer and he's dying just to...

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