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This lowlife tricked me into thinking he had a heart for 16 years! We went back and forth until we finally settled down for the last 4 1/2 years and have been married for 3 years. He adopted my oldest daughter and we had one of our own. We went through fertility treatments to have one more and lost several babies trying to conceive. He waits until I finally get pregnant after a year of trying to decide he never wanted a family, a wife or children and decides to leave me alone only 2 weeks before I’m due to have his child. He then lies to any female who will listen, that his life has been horrible, failing to tell them that I have done everything possible to make us work and he has refused to even try. His response to me asking to go to counseling is that he never planned on being with one female, he wants to run through as many as he can. He already has 5 kids and he walked out on all their moms. He trolls after anyone in their earlier 20s and lies to them about being a standup guy. Believe he isn’t! He tells them he has had to sleep alone for up to half a year with no love from his wife, again not true and he actually has never been forced out of our bed or denied anything, ever. He hasn’t been to any of my appointments for this child in 3 months and if I had to go to triage because I am high risk he hasn’t shown up but once. I found out he was with other females while I was in the hospital the whole time. He is a user, liar and a cheater. He has zero family values but will lie to you that he does and leave you as soon as your pregnant. If you find this guy, run!!! He has broken up so many families and he has zero intentions of sticking around!

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His name is Michael Nelson and he is all over Indianapolis looking for his next victim to abandon. He also doesn’t take care of the kids that he has with other females and then blames the current female he is with for not being able to take care of them. Run far away from this guy!! He is currently lying to a female near you!! Save yourself!!

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