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Jamie Jo Brinkman




Currently, this person is residing in Churdan, Iowa. She is a con and scammer. She has stolen, lied, cheated and scammed her way from South Dakota to Virginia Beach and back again.

She uses multiple aliases as listed below.

Be forewarned when attempting to deal with this person. When confronted about ANY of her LIES she becomes extremely defensive, violent, and WILL threaten you with legal action if you say anything. This is bullcrap since she cannot file ANYTHING in a court since she would be exposed as a LIAR, THIEF and SCAMMER.

Here are the current aliases…..

Jamie Jo Brinkman, Jamie Jo Brinkman-Corne, Jamie Jo Lambertz, Jaime Brinkman, Jamie Hruska, Menomi Smith, Jamie Smith, Beth Merylind, Beth M., Liam Boynton, Jamie Dusanka, Jamie Boynton, Jamie Jo Boynton, Jama Boynton, House of Boynton

Recent Sighting or Comment #1:

Jamie Jo Brinkman Corne Boynton (or whatever name she is going by now) moved into a home in Defiance, IA that belonged to a friend. She and her lazy boyfriend never went to work, they did not pay the rent, they did not pay the utilities; my friend got fed up and had to have her evicted!!!
They are sucking the government teat (welfare-food stamps-etc) even though both of them are quite able to work.
She normally keeps (her) 3 children with her long enough to get the welfare, then ships them back to her mother in South Dakota, who most likely is also sucking the govt. teat for the children, since she chooses to use different last name for them all. She also HAD 3 older children that were permanently removed from her custody, with NO visitation, as she was deemed unfit and those 3 had a father that cared. The 3 she has now were products of either one night stands or a boyfriend, she DID NOT inform any of those 3 men that they were a father, in fact she tells people that she was raped (she was not). She is an ex-con who is wanted in more than one state. I just recently found out that she and that lazy boyfriend are living at 340 C Ave in Churdan, IA 50050
Since the children are living with her mother most of the time, she has a lot of extra food stamps, which she uses to buy meat to feed to her stolen dogs.
2 of the children are school age, but she doesn’t send them to school, she claims she is home-schooling, how is an ex-com qualified to teach?
None of those children should be in the custody of her or her mother who continues to enable her to pull the squatting con games, lies and thefts.

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Recent Sighting or Comment #2:

Jamie Jo Brinkman and Marc Ian Boynton are currently (since May 2016) living in Ruthton, MN, in a house rented under her mother, Wanda Dooley’s name. They are still pulling their cons, even attempting to sue the city!!
Still living on welfare, yet claim to be “tax-paying” citizens, LOL.

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