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Currently this DEADBEAT and her “boyfriend” Marc Boynton are residing supposedly someplace in Iowa. But could be anywhere in the Midwest area. As long as they aren’t TOO far from where her Mommy lives. Which is Brookings, South Dakota.

She STILL has six arrest warrants out for her in South Dakota. So, when she sneaks in to town for a visit they keep a VERY low profile.

She is currently claiming to be Jamie Boynton. Which is yet another LIE as that’s just another in her ever growing list of aliases.

Jamie changes her hair color on a regular basis in a vain attempt to throw both law enforcement and people off the track. Her FAVORITE colors are RED and BLONDE as seen by the attached photo.

She does NOT have any of the medical maladies that she claims to have. These include Cancer, Seizures, Lupus, Aspbergers as well as anything else she can use for a sob story.

NEITHER of them work and will constantly give you a variety of stories as to why they cannot pay bills. Ranging from the “I just started a job” to the “I already sent you a check”, and everything in between.

Jamie CLAIMS to have multiple college degrees. Which, in fact, she has absolutely NONE of them. She CLAIMS to be an “freelance investigative reporter”. But when pressed to provide any stories she cannot do so.

BE EXTREMELY WARY of Jamie as she is a DIAGNOSED SOCIOPATH with extremely violent tendencies.

Recent Sighting or Comment #1:

File a lawsuit against the fucker who posted this! Can’t hide behind an IP address! You really think this site is going to get your damn child support for you? If the court system can’t collect it for you what makes you think this bullshit site can help you? Get an education, a job and take care of your kids your damn self and don’t look to depend on anyone!

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Recent Sighting or Comment #2:

Exactly WHERE do you see any reference to child support in this post? Besides, if you THINK you can file a lawsuit for posting FACTS that I can back up please feel free to do so. Otherwise, take your trolling ass back to Mommy’s basement and shut the fuck up.

Answers Blasted By: [Anonymous User] [1 Grey Star Level]
Recent Sighting or Comment #3:

And I don’t have to hide behind some “anonymous” user profile. Jackass.

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