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Ebony Winston




This THOT of bowling green Sparta ugly alien looking ass will fuck anyone so that’s why she’s happy some jail bird married her Chris ugly mr egg head girl he uses you everybody know your ghetto ass loves control and child support that’s why she had kids she don’t have time to take care of those kids she gotta check her man everywhere he likes to cheat I’m right around corner she so desperate she believes anything cause she got papers and 2 ugly ass kids one black big lip and other all diseased looking like monster girl always look raggedy can’t make Hoe housewife unless you stay in bed all day we know you need to wash that funky ass think you the shit smell like shit ghetto ass hood rat

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Welfare of bowling green has no shame jacked up family she got she will know your business then snitch like she never knew disgusting child good for sucking and fucking worth shit anytime man more important than your kids retarded as hell

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You ugly as well gotta keep weave in to try look decent why in income based get that boys lips lighten and get that diseased looking little one some cream you can not wipe away ugly looking like you a alien little girl not that bad you just don’t take care of her you not only one that’s getting that meat he got you so out there you lucky have man nobody wants to be you you know who I am its 3 I know he’s messed with what are you gonna do I see your ass almost everyday dumb ass smile on your face fake like you anybody can have him he stay in trouble I could if I wanted just to keep a man have kids he ain’t happy he always talking about you not clean don’t cook always stressing him out

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On some real shit I dint care 2 shits about ebony but who the fuck are you to say anything about children like that. You ain’t shit that’s why you hide behind this page so who’s the

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