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Dennis K Richards




This is dead beat Dennis. He has a beautiful intelligent daughter that he chooses to ignore day after day for almost 2 years now. When she was born he didn’t come to the hospital, when she had to stay there for 3 weeks in the nicu after being born he didn’t go see her not one time. She was 5 weeks old before he met her and that’s because I brought her to his mom’s house where he lives and always lives with. When she was 3 months old he ran from nicholasville KY to Carolina beach because he got word that I signed child support papers on him. Since then he has blocked all contact and all of his family moved to help hide him out. They help him hide his name and himself so that he can’t be served. He won’t even contact me to ask about his child. No holidays no birthdays. Never has spent one penny on her. Love is free and he won’t even give her that! If I find a way to contact him he ignores and blocks me. Can’t find out any of his family history for my child’s doctor. Last time he contacted me was sept 25 2015. When he asked how and what his baby girl was doing. One of few times he’s ever asked about her. I’m not sure how much he’s behind yet because an amount hasn’t been set. But it will back date to the day I filed. He had the choice to be her daddy and help out when he could but mainly just be in her life but he wanted to turn his back on her and abandon her instead. He posts vids on YouTube of himself all the time. Dennis Richards is his account. That’s the only way I can find out how he looks now and he’s changed allot since this photo. Long hair now and a mustache. He has a new suv, new tats , clothes and shoes. Shops on Amazon allot and keeps his drugs and cigs. He’s the purest form of a dead beat. His daughter could be dead and he wouldn’t know or care.

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