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Danny Smith

Danny is more than 8 months behind on child support payments. He works for Elan General Contracting in San Diego, and builds high-end stores in shopping malls, such as Brighton. He hasn't seen our 12 year old daughter in almost 2 years.

Eugene Fisher

Has 2 boys under 8 years old. Has not so much as bought a diaper for them since birth. Contributes nothing to their mother financially, and works under the table.

David Pliego

This aweaome guy has an outstanding warrent for not ever lifting a finger for our almost turning 11 yr old disabled son... who has autism! Please help me get this creep... as you can see from the photo his newest victim. ... another child being pulled into this world.... did I mention he is turning 42 this year how old do you think his new baby mamma is? Just creepy thanks for your help!

David Alan Camp, Rn

David is $19,947.05 in arrears as of Jan. 23, 2014. We have 8 children and only one is left at home. He often brags about how much money he makes each year as an agency nurse. With that money, he has only himself to support. He has been married and divorced 4 times, each time buying expensive rings and honeymoons. If you are falling for his kind eyes and sweet singing voice, just know that he doesn't care about his kids. He knows the system and makes a token, small payment just often enough...

Charles David Hamilton

i was married to this man stupidly 2 times. He only sees our 2 kids once a year if even that never calls them, but complains that they dont call him him is currently $2,000 behind in support payments yet he makes $8,000 a month and can afford to take his girlfriend out to dinner etc and he can afford brand new cars

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