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Prisella Saenz

My name is Robert and I have a about to be 10 year old with Prisella. We had my son when we both were 16 and even though I don't regret my child I regret having him with this low life deadbeat. I've taken care of him since he was born and when she got pregnant with another mans child while she was supposed to be in a relationship with me I kicked her outta my house. That's when she really decided she wasn't gonna not only financially help but physically either with Robert. He's hurt and angry about...

Broderick O’bryant Timms

Multiple kids & baby Mama's & cheater & liar and will bum off of you as well..owes 10,000 in child support..dont be fooled by his only last for a few wks ..if he is sleeping with guarantee he's sleeping with someone else ..dont catch anything u can't get rid of

Alfred Andrew Winborne Jr

This is my ex Husband. I am ashamed to admit that I was with him for 11 years and in that time he got AT LEAST 5 other women pregnant. He game them all the alias of "Corey" so it was difficult to finally catch him. He has not ever claimed ANY of those children he has outside of our marriage. He pretends ALL the women are lying about him. After I finally was able to divorce him (3 years later) he got another woman pregnant and this is his mug shot from getting arrested for shaking that baby so hard...

Nathaniel Paul Johnson

I have raised his children with my legal status ( my grandchildren ) from the time they were babies. He owes over 40k

Melvin Doyle Sanders

mom raised 3 children. dad owes 85k and refuses to work

Vorachai Ricky Tejapaibul

Ricky Tejapaibul is in Texas somewhere. He left us in Pittsburgh 2 years ago. I am trying to find him. He has not paid child support in 2 years. We never got married but that is not our childs fault. Ricky is embarrassed by us and never accepted his responsibility. Now me and my parents are struggling. We will make it and my daughter will be strong and successful. He is a deadbeat daddy.

Raytron King

He has two kids but only take care of one. The child we share together was born premature and he has yet to provide for her. He claims that he wants to see her but has yet made any type of effort to come see her.

Michael Mike Dubb Williams

This nigga got 3 kids by his WIFE that he doesnt take care of , doesnt spend time wit em or dont even call em. His wife is my homegirl and i salute her for working hard and doing a good job raising her boys. She not on no government assistance and she handling up but she shouldnt have to do it alone. This nigga is still married to her and out her fucking multiple hoes. He got her pregnant again this year but she killed it im glad she did. This nigga has always been a bum ass nigga. Dont work just...

Broderick D Timms

Update*** they finally served him!!! Thank God !! So ladies im only trying to warn u bc if someone would of warned me i would of ran..its been 8months since i broke up with him & dec 2016 was the last time we talked bc..they finally served him he finally quit i never said he couldnt see my son..but he will lie & say that i dont let him see him..but thats a lie..all kids need a dad ..Broderick only cares about himself. .those rims he has on his truck i bought..& that engine...

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