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Moon Soo Lee

Abusive to daughter, caused her to suffer PTSD, then abandoned her, left her without money, and refuses to speak to her.

Bstls Bsteels Bobby Steels

Not a man at all he use females for shelter and money He never stood on his own two feet as an adult he lies about everything He cheats His rap career isnt going no where you mad old bruh get a real job 34 never had a job or a stable life Make babies and deny them knowing DNA test do exist fuck boy This bitch is washed up he look so bad now

Jeffrey Bach

Hi! I'm Jeffrey. I mentally, physically and emotionally abused my girlfriend until our daughter was 7 months old. Finally she left me and took our beautiful girl with her. Now, 8 years later, my ex has decided I should financially contribute to raising the child I sorta created. But since I have a wife and two boys, plus a junkie side piece with a six year old, I also support, I think I'd rather pay a lawyer than for my daughter. Why should I, when I can just say, "Go ask your mother for a haircut"...

Desi Williamson

STATE CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT WARRANT Back Child Support Due Oct. 16, 2012 $26,740.56 March 19, 2013 $55.20.92 September 14, 2013 $6481.08 March 20, 2014 $7971.36 February 24, 2015 $9361.56

Anthony Dennis Talmadge

Had a child 2002....then ran away a year later...came back when she was 5...saying he was sorry addicted to his daughter is 15..He lives in Brentwood with his girlfriend and her two kids...but does not see the need to pay child support for every reason under the sun....but yet never did pay child support always working off the books....his girlfriend is a snake and wants it all...he is a coward and is yellow....

Jamal Griffin

It was a planned pregnancy, but once that baby came the guy decided to bounce. He is unreliable, never attends any appointment, runs the streets and sleeps around with scandalous woman. He has no job and depends on the people around him for income. He has 2 boys he barely raises and continues to try to get females pregnant so he doesn't have to work. Aka "moose"

Joseph “street” Powell

This man has kids all over the place! He goes from one woman to the next lying and manipulating, and once she sees through his bullshit he spreads lies about her! He don't support his kids at all! And he denies half of them! The ones he does claim he only sees when it's beneficial to him. No birthdays or holidays spent with his children unless the mother wants to fuck him if not be doesn't show up or even get kids a card! He also steals money from his kids mothers, then lie about doing so. So...

Keith Richard Spencer

This deadbeat is a real winner. Hasn't bothered with his daughter in almost 10 years hasn't paid child support in 3 years and owes over $10,000 in arrears. Wouldn't show up for court until a warrent was put out to get him has several kids with others doubt he pays for them either. How sad and I believe in karma!

Angel E Mercado Jr

This little Pathological liar plays a perpetual victim and he is a professional mooch. I can't share my real name but he knows who I am. He stalked me on face-book for 8 months before I agreed to go out with him. He begged me to marry him, but I caught him in so many lies that I could not trust him, and I found out he owes a lot of money to child support. He stalks women on face-book to form a relationship with them and wants to marry them with in a week, but beware, it is only for financial reasons. He...

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