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Robert Maguire

Has 2 kids he has the 2nd one but is 100% deadbeat to his son. He picked drugs he has had thousand of chances and picks his gf instead. He owes 18 hundred in child support already lost licence next be jail.... he says the guy who's been there for him should be his dad and what not had court dates he never went to he's a pos! So anyone who wants him as a man or baby daddy think again. He is by far is good man or dad.....

Brian Charron

This guy is a true deadbeat. He willingly got his long term "friend" pregnant and was completely aware of the fact that his partner was not on any sort of birth control. She was very open and honest about what she wanted for over a year. He agreed to co parent for 12 weeks of the pregnancy but left her soon after. It has been over three years and this cold and cruel person has done nothing for his daughter. His daughter was born with serious heart defects and he wished her dead via text...

Brent R Bushong Ii

This image is not a court document, but is from the Louisiana Department of children and family services. The court doc is hard to see on this site, but this one should be a lot easier. It is a customer portal for anyone who has a case with the Louisiana DCFS where I can check the status of my case, view the most recent activity, upload new information, etc.

Brent R Bushong Ii

The other image of the court document didn't show up very well, so I'm trying again. I want to eliminate those doubts that might be present.

Brent R. Bushong Ii

This will be my 3rd time posting him on this site, as he has relocated once again. Thank you for all of the tips and support that I have received so far about him. The tips have helped, as child support enforcement was able to catch up with him for about 8 months last year. More than anything, the support and validation has helped in many ways that I could never fully describe. This man is not a good person, he is not what he wants people to think he is. He is not a good father, he is not...

Rebekah Plourde

This girl has 2 kids that she will just leave with anyone she is a doe head and has been known to suck dick for a20 bag of dope.. her kids are always dirty and have had head lice for months at a time they all live with the her mother who is also a disgusting poor excuse for a mother.. their house is always dirty and they are just all around scum bags.. I REALLY don't knoe why did hasn't taken them.. I could go on and on but ain't nobody got time for that I just wanted to expose this hoe real quick.....

Robert Lacroix

Robert has 7 children. Only 2 are with me. He owes just on my case $19,000. Put this "man" out there as a deadbeat. He has a 40k custom made harley. He takes his stepchildren on trips to Florida but cant pay me 92 dollars a wk for 2 kids. He should be ashamed of himself!

Richard Kinsley-meissner (rich)

Where do we start on this one??? This man has never provided for his 2 adopted children. Instead, he stole from the family and the children to support a drug habit until his mother bailed him out. Yes, his mother...who is in denial and a co-dependant. She is always there to save her son but does not think about what he has done to her grand children. He stole all the money from the children's college fund accounts and has yet to pay a cent in return or towards anything his children need. This man...

Scott Edward Bounds

This loser owes 150,000 in child and spousal support. He had the nerve to just have another baby Jan. 1, 2016. He moved from Orange County, CA to Bellvue, WA then had the baby at Conway Memorial Hospital in New Hampshire. Seriously, after 20 years of marriage. He makes a ton of money but is truly a conman marrying a 27 year old. Give me a break!

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