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Has never seen his daughter and shes 11 thats all i need to say...ohhh what and he has about 10 kids so if u see him run run far away


This fool got like 8 kids and only sell them lies. Can't help with prom you can't depend on him if you life depending on it . But can call and asks for rides from one of the kids he can't do shit for

Says His Name is Dejon Lies

Ass hole hasn't seen my nephew or done anything for him since he was 1 lied about his last name do can't find the idiot

Says His Name is Dejon Lies

Ass hole hasn't seen my nephew or done anything for him since he was 1 lied about his last name do can't find the idiot

David Schulman

He has to be threatened to support his boy, only takes care of him when it fits schedule and if he doesn't have a hang over. Will not allow his X to have a peaceful life since he TeX her day and night. He is a true deadbeat.

Emmit Fuck Raw

This nigga got twins , another baby and triplets on the way . He fuck every bitch raw . No job don't take care of none of his kids .

Latoya Powell (toya)

Wigs and hair but don't do shit for them kids. Claim she do hair but them lil girls hair be FUCKED.. Even when she do they hair, she do a shitty ass job. She live off her kids SSI (a first of the month ass bitch) Got section 8 and a house that can be bomb as fuck but walk in that bitch.. Its filthy, dirty, nasty. Got a whole tax check and ain't buy them kids a MF thang. She look super bad n its not cause of the sickness.. Its from all the blow and cigarettes she smoke lol just sad

Latoya Powell (toya)

Well for starters, this bitch got 4 kids with 4 different daddies! Her youngest baby being raised by her grandparents. She hardly ever see that lil girl.. Poor thang! The only reason she let the baby stay with them is because they take care of her.. Something Toya can't do. She don't even take care of the other 3 lol they raise they self. She has a kidney disease, is on dialysis but plays with her nose. This bitch stay on blow lol she a deadbeat momma cause she stay buying her new clothes and new...

Sircedric Smith

Aint no mufucking story hoe just a big ass deadbeat been out if jail for a year now and aint once tried to find his son

Ameen Christopher Jabari Davis

Ameen doesn't see his son regularly. If he does he'll come once a month the disappear again. Ameen owes $7300 in child support and has never paid or even helped with anything for his son ever. His son wants me to call him and everytime I do we go straight to voicemail. He doesn't do anything for only son and even is driving a a suspended license and refuses to help out with his son.

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