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Bonzell Derico Smith

I have 3 kids by this man he is a deadbeat don't help and treated me and my kids like shit he use to hit on us he ain't shit but a fuckboi he make kids and don't take care of them

Andreus Maurices Spencer

This deadbeat abused his son by shaking him and almost killing him, he hasn't said sorry and my son has a night terrors and won't be able to live a normal life. he is abusive to children and women and can't be trusted. he or his family havnt checked on the welfare of him or how are u doing. no birthday cards or anything. I think he has another child that was brought up in court not sure be wear of him. has been in jail since 2013 set to get out

Robert Haymer

His ass as 12 kids and only took care of 3. His ass pop back up in the picture and think his ass supposed to pick up where he left off at and have the daddy title. Naw nigga where the back child support.

Robert Council

This fucktard is the worst! Decides leave a whole state to raise some thot ass white chics kid THAT AINT EVEN HIS. Instead of raising his own. Raising another a nigga who's in jail kid. Hasn't been an active parent since his child was born. So ladies if you're in Chicago or Minnesota and you see this nigga....RUUUUUN LIKE HELL!!

Scott Schock

He's the idiot in the middle in the picture. Scott Schock of many places in middle and northern Minnesota. He is over a year behind in his child support, this time. He has been more than a year behind several times in the past 10 years, and the only way his daughter, Courteney, gets anything is when the IRS or State tax dept. garnishes his refunds. H elikes to hang out int he bars and spend the money that should go to his daughter on booze and pull tabs.

Derek Dion Green

He has 4 kids supports none of them all by different women refuses to work so he does not pay child support I am his ex wife was a great father until we divorced ( only 1 year marriage) but refuses to support my child because we are not in a realationship he uses women for income and a place to stay he has not seen any of his children in well over a year and half he travels between st.paul and Gary IN

Lamont “money” Harris

Money Loves to use vulnerable woman for all they have and then leave them he prays on bbws He Has 7Kids Does Nothing For Any Of Them He Drinks and Does Drugs Everyday He Can Also See all His Kids at Any Time and Chooses not to . true Dead Beat

Clarence Taye

Like all other deadbeats he has a child that he doesn't take care of. He doesn't help financially, hell; he doesn't even ask how his child is doing! And he's ALWAYS making excuses and ALWAYS crying broke! But he can be found with his hair freshly twisted and lined up with nice clothes turning up downtown with his ashy ass friends and family trying to holla at basic bitches.

Alvin Green

This deadbeat needs to be found. He's running from childsupport he does nothing for his kids. No phones calls on birthdays or holidays owes 30,000 in back childsupport

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