Deadbeats in Indiana:

Norman L Johnson

Not taking care of any of his kids(5).

Melba Salmon

Owes over $20,000 in child support. Hasn't seen her daughter in 2 years. Has a Masters degree and counsels kids yet barely speaks to her own. She claims to be a Christian but her actions speak louder than words.

Andy McAdams

He has never paid any child support. Leaches off of any person around him. Women stay away.

Jeremy Gilbert

Has never paid a dime for his child. Never even showed up for court when I sued him for support and nothing ever happened to him. His child is 13 now.

Anthony W Bausch

has a total of 5 by 4 different women kids. $7400+ behind on the two i have of his. doesnt work n if so is working for cash. hasnt filed taxes in 4 years

Chase King

He is on the run warrant out for his arrest. Doesnt take care of his kids. From Indpls. Ran away from his daughter and son

Kyle Vrotny

While I was pregnant he was messing around with a married woman and my friend caught him at the bar trying to pick up her friend. He sent a fake email stating the cost of insurance for the baby thru his work to me so he wouldn't have to pay for insurance. Never bought a single item for the baby til I bitched him out. When I was in the hospital in labor he came in moved a chair to the farthest corner and sat there on his iPad the ENTIRE TIME I WAS IN LABOR except for when he left to go out to breakfast...

Daniel Lee Davies

He has 4 kids and doesn't support any of them. He hasn't seen his oldest in over a year. When he does have a job he quits right away before the court's send papers to his job. I'm not sure if he sees his other 3 kids since he left his wife. He is over $7000 in debt for child support on my daughter. Not sure on the other 3.

Mike (Wyte Mike) Wollman

He has 6 children by 6 different women. He can't hold down a job, is with a different girl & living at a different address EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear from him. He is behind on support, doesn't make a conscious effort to be involved in his kids' lives, but is covered in tattoos and always has new shoes.... YUCK!

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