Deadbeats in Indiana:

Daniel Fugate

has 6 kids, ages 12 years to 19 months and doesn't pay support and not involed in their lives.

Raymond Jones

This man hasn't seen his son. Scent he was 1 years old. He is 7 now is behind 20,000 on just one child. He has 5 kids all a year are less part. Doesn't seen any of them but the only girl he has that's only because he lives with her mother. He lives in the same town as me less then 10 mins away and still want see his child.

Jaylon Dorsey

Please anyone that see this man ( I can't even say man when you see his boy ) and he tries to talk to you run he will get you pregnant and abandoned you and your child he has three kids who will all be one this year and he only take care of one which is his girlfriend child ... He has bought my daughter nothing and when I do ask him can he buy her some diapers or wipes he always claim he broke but he has money to buy him and his girl matching shoes and buy her necklaces and diamond rings and beats...

Jaylon Dorsey

please if you see him run he will sleep with anyone no matter who they are without protection and if you get pregnant he will either deny your child or be there when he wanrs too and he don't help me raise our child together not to mention he has three kids one which just turned one which is mines and the other will be one june 18 and the other one will be one october 31 his girlfriend makes him buy her stuff and when she knpws he has kids to take care of so when i ask him to buy diapers or wipes...


This man got 15 kids. 8 baby mommas . Kids range from 1 years to 22 years old. Doesn't pay any child support. Lives off any woman he can.. This man thinks he a comedian.. Nothing funny bout these women struggling to raises these kids.. Very sly talker . He make u believe anything.. Watch out women he get u pregnet. Then try and make u have an abortian.. Then u don't he hate u then.. Tricking women to give him money and say he pay u back then bounce... Hope u don't run into him....

Joe Ceruti

How Joseph Ceruti legally got away with not having to pay child support... 1) Got a Canadian woman pregnant and married her 2) Threatened the woman to either commit immigration fraud or get divorced and never receive a dime in child support. 3) Obviously the woman decided not to commit fraud so Joe filed for divorce and obtained jurisdiction/custody while she was pregnant. It's important to point out that Canada could not grant jurisdiction/custody until the child was actually born and any Order...

Ian Wolfe

Married 10 years, he beat me up. Had him arrested. Filed for divorce and got sole custody due to him not showing up for court. Ordered to pay 91.00 a week for 2 beautiful girls. Hes behind 5,000 and i need help financially. Warrant out since December 2014 and has been hiding since

Nathan Ryan

This deadbeat is a compulsive liar, master manipulator, and cheater. He has gotten two different women pregnant and abandoned both children. He spent years ignoring his oldest and finally developed a relationship with him. However, once his long term PREGNANT girlfriend left him due to abuse, he stopped seeing him. He may have another daughter out there as well as he likes to sleep around with his friends girlfriends. The "woman" he's with now is pregnant, too. Let me mention her name is Katie A....

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