Deadbeats in Indiana:

Tony(bub) Centers

This man is the biggest deadbeat known to man kind. Has 5 kids with 5 different woman and has only supported 1 who is 13 for about a year of the 13. Has no contact for months not even for birthdays or holidays and then when they do hear from it's 90% disappointment. Beware ladies he is a womanizer. He just recently got a 5th victim to marry him but has many in between.

Noah Daly

This is a deadbeat dad. His 2 kids are teenagers now and he hasn't seen them since 2008. He ran away with mommy and daddy to be taken care of. He works and doesn't pay a dime to help his kids. He owes about 30,000.00 in arrears. He's the epitome of deadbeat dad.

Tom Bishop

Thomas AKA Tommy Bishop, Deadbeat... He walked out on our son when my son was 4 months old and my son is now 5 years old. He does not paid child support and the State of Indiana finally found him last year, hot the order of support set up but nothing still he is hiding from paying support, he is living with his girlfriend not in this picture in Vincennes, Indiana He now owes as of 02/01/2016 $18,994.98. hasn't contact us in 5 years.. Total POS.

Ronnie Sloan Ii

He has been in and out of jail for the past 5 years. Owes over $20,000 in past support. He beats on women and doesn't see or call the kids. He's a deadbeat dad for sure.

Joshua A Scott

Joshua Scott got my best friend pregnant. He didn't wanna take care of a child so he tried to force her to get an abortion. When she didn't want to get an abortion Josh was violent towards her. Josh has arrearage for child support because he is behind. He constantly lies about her. She is a great mom. Works a fulltime job and supports there 3 year old by herself. The little girl calls another man daddy. Josh has seen his daughter 1 time the whole 3 years she's been alive. He is a deadbeat. She is...

Ernest Westerhoff Jr.

So I have a child with Ernie and he is a really big dead beat always in and out of his child's life and it's not only mine he has 5 kids and he doesn't even see them either! He is supossed to pay child support on one but he doesn't even do that! He never comes to his kids birthday parties hospital stays nothing! And he choose pussy over his kid! But that's ok cause his girlfriend Connie Thomas left her 4 kids to be with his dead beat piss of shit ass! Yep they belong together!

Lawrence J Clark

Walked away from.his kids over 2 years ag . All 7 of them. My 2 n his other 5.Doesn't keep a job.

Craig Kellams

Only sees his daughter when his sister gets her! Which is about 5 times and she's 4. Refuses to pay child support!

Heaven Vandever

Heaven VANDEVER is a SLUTT who has sexual relations with boys under 18 years old. She has sexual relations with men in hotel rooms for money off Fairs Avenue. She does drugs and shares needles with strangers. She has a baby who she got pregnant by one of her pimps customers. She got kicked out of her apartment from First avenue for failing a drug test. She said she got pregnant by a doctor who had a wife, but he dropped her like she was trash and later said to him she lied she didn't get pregnant...

She Trash

She the dead beat she sleep will any body.I know Joshua he great man and that babby not his she was sleeping with 20/are more.guys when she was living he worked 10 am to 11 pm at night and she wouldn't get.home untill 4am and when they drop.her there 4 other guys in the car she dont know Who the dad is.Joshua is hard working and others guys she was with were looser that's.why she said that's Joshua the dad She a trash and say a man is her baby dad.she was with 20 are more men when she was with...

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