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Russell Dean Conder

Russell Dean Conder has not had anything to do with or support his Son of 16 years. He runs from his responsibility. He doesn't even claim his Son. He tells everyone he has one child, when in reality he has 3, with 3 different women. He does not support or help with any of them. He has one son and 2 daughters. He is worthless!

Timothy M Lightner

Tim has not been in his sons life for 19 years now Tim showed up at my sons graduation last year and wanted to be father of the year

Clifford Allen Dean

Clifford Dean is from Dyersburg, TN. He fled TN after serving his time for Criminal Contempt in having a job/means and willfully neglecting to pay his child support. He is over $30,000 in arrears and currently holds no visitation privileges. He also has another child that he is in arrears with and has failed to support or visit since she was a toddler. Currently Clifford is living with a woman and her child, supporting them with a job at FedEx (not sending child support to his REAL children) and...

Fred Vw Smith

$23,943.46 past due in Child Support He owns his own Company and Works as A union Bricklayer.He refuses to support his 4 children .

Nicholas James Tucker

This man refuses to pay his child support for his daughter that has a terminal illness. He works for cash so that it looks like he has no income and then had his girlfriend claim him on her taxes to avoid the state taking any tax money he would get. He bullies his own child and makes fun of her to her face! There's a special place for people like this...

Ricardo D. Williams

This man is only on child support for one child and is behind thousands of dollars. He has a total of six children. Three different mothers. He refuses to do anything for his four children in Texas because the mother refuses to be with him. He was offered a compromise of simply buying things for his children but refuse out of spite. He refuses to file taxes just so they won't collect what's owed. The Illinois system of child support is behind and have yet to track him down so the other child can...

Byron L. Keith

ladies please stay the hell away from this sweet charming manipulating perverted asshole. He preys on low self esteem girls/women with his charm. he likes little girls under 21 yrs old. Byron Keith (06-01-76) from the Village will not work, he expects women to support him. his momma, sister, any female who will. Who still sells drugs at 40? he is a adult child. Byron has 8 kids by 6 different women. Byron does not support his children financially or emotionally. He only visits his kids to have sex...

Dontaye Young

he has 6 children my daughter being the second from the last one the other 5 moms moved out of state because he was a put hands on kind of guys and they took the kids and left as so as they ii couldn't pick up and leave like that but yes he is a dead beat dad this boy has maybe came out of pocket 3 or 4 times un 8n years for his daughter every other time I have had to make sure she had and has what she wants and need he only see her when he wants me or when he don't have a new flavor of the month...

Maurice Choyce

I'm the first babymama of a 12 year old he has 3 other kids but he never did anything for my son never ever he feels like if I'm not with him he doesn't have to do for my son but he does for his daughter by Nina then he has a son name Jeremiah he just doesn't claim him I think the boy is like 5 or 8 years old he lives in Atlanta with his mother and he just had a baby by Sherrieck Nelson and he doesn't do anything for him and he close to all his kids even the baby but he like to jump in and out of...

Anthony Echevarria

wont work because child support has him on income withholding .. Thinks he's a photographer with a 9th grade education level.. Hangs out with every bust down that works at blackjacks.. His 2nd baby momma is to dumb to see he cheats on her every chance he gets.. Has 4 kids don't do shit for the first 2 .. He's a marijuana HYPE.. Ohh and he's undercover gay.

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