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Trent Kleinkopf

Has has only seen his son a couple times when he was a baby. Has not paid child support sense his child was 2. Now he no longer contacts his son at all.

Joel Cortes

This is Joel Cortes he is such a peice of shit. He married the lady he cheated on me with while I was pregnant and they both treat our son like crap. It's December and the last time he saw or got ahold of our son was in July, he takes care of her 2 kids and grandkids but can't take care of his only child. they go on fancy vacations, get to claim him on their taxes yet he is over 2,000 behind in child support and doesn't see a problem with it. thank god for my husband that takes care of him and loves...

John T Engle

Left when the boys was 2 and 3 they are adults now.Never called never visit no CS.I hired a lawyer to go after him for non support thinking my kids could at least find him he was picked up transfered to Ohio went to court and he told the judge you better start working on the next warrent I'm not paying for them damn kids.He served 18 months haven't heard from him since

Ronald Wright

He has 10 kids but only claims 5. I have a 2.5 year old son by him that he has only seen 2 times. He has told me to suck dick so he didn't have to pay child support. He owes about $5000 for child support, daycare and medical bills. He has also said that he would rather see his son dead than help me.

Amber Marlene Walker

I loaned her money had a promissory note took her to small claims court. Now she keeps changing jobs so can't find her. The cost will just keep going up with her.

Daniel Alexander Cannon

This deadbeat is still running from his warrants and playing cult leader to his dumb followers on YouTube where he extorts people for donations to fund his criminal lifestyle. This is his YouTube channel:

Larry Wayne Harris

Owes $225,000.00. Convicted sex offender on active probation. His daughter found him about 3 years ago, he pretended to be remorseful and filled her with false promises, lies. I found out in previous years he would tell people that I had 'hidden' his daughter from him and he sent my mother money every month on her behalf. He even testified to a Michigan J&D court to that statement. Now, he actually sent his daughter a text about 3 months ago saying he was going to mail her a dna test and...

James Hill

His name is James Hill. He is almost 32 years old and still mooches off of his parents. He has multiple girlfriends at one time. He puts his girlfriends and their kids before his own. He has 3 kids by 3 different women. 1 boy and 3 girls. He has made little to no effort to see our son. Or any of them for that matter. Rarely does he ask about see or talk to his kids. Pathetic excuse for a father if you ask me. Has no money for his kids but has plenty of it to spoil his women. Looks for pity it's always...

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