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Victor Sharon

I met Victor ( I really don't even know his real last name bc when he converted to Judaism he changed it to Sharon) while we were friends in the Army at Benning back in 1999. We reconnected 10 years later and ended up married. Long story short, the marriage didn't last and the only thing good that came from it was my son who VICTOR SHARON fails to help me support. To make matters even worse he continually requests to have his payments decreased while only paying $50 a month. Poor thing, I wonder...

Frances Bellis

She has 2 sons. One is already in good care and one is not. The younger child is in need of his shots she scared to get foodstamps because dcf will want shot records. She loves eating zanex and wrecking vehicles. She lives in a storage unit and prostitutes out of it to pay for more zanex. Not one cent goes to feed her child. She lost custody of the first kid already

Alicia Monger

Alicia owes almost $15,000 for the support of two girls she left in Texas. Alicia enjoys working out, social networking and getting tattoos. If you happen to know Alicia, please remind her that her youngest child is in need of medical testing. Alicia has a full time job and lives a comfortable lifestyle.

Earnest Carnell Via Lll

I know where this man is located. He is running from child support. He lost all rights to his kids. He is a spouse abuser and child molester. He is hiding out at his dad's place. He is in a relationship with April Dupree and she is endangering her kids to this monster. He is not facing responsibly for his actions. He left Las Vegas Nevada and is in Florida.

Rafael P Motta

Deadbeat dad, Rafael Paiva Motta, has been living in Miami FL with his girlfriend selling luxury homes and condos while he allows his 2 children to be homeless. He has cut off all contact and support for his children for the past 3 months.

Stephen Piecuch

This man left his children to move to Florida and has completely abandoned them. He works jobs under the table and appears to work legit jobs until child support enforcement catches up with him and quits...or gets fired.

David Tyler Stover

David Tyler Stover was arrested for domestic violence of his ex-fiancé. she had his child and he punched and kicked her after the birth of the child. He has a restraining order against him by the mother and child. Has not seen the child since an infant. Does not pay any support or attempt to pay.

Devan Cherry

Devan has moved from place to place trying to avoid paying child support. He refuses to even meet his own child but plays daddy to his stepkids. He is prior military receiving va "disability" benefits for a back injury yet continues to work out lifting heavy weights almost everyday. He is currently 26,814.82 behind in child support.

Robert Dale Flamm Jr.

How babies from home they will take care of the baby he didn't do shit for 10 years now he was a heroin addict living behind Walmart on Military and Belvedere with his girlfriend Trinity or he says his wife they're both heroin addict and they both ain't doing shit for my kid it's sad and then he tells my daughter he lives in a tent so now everytime it rains she cries because she thinks her daddy's house is getting what she went and seen him on Father's Day and he gave her a bunch of old food he's...

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