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Ahmad Livingston

He has 4 kids he dont do nothing for but he swear he's the man...He has called his kids all kinds of bitches smh he's walking around telling ppl he take care of his kids when u haven't seen nor did anything in years. So if u know him just know he ain't shit...

Daryl Hawkins

202 638-9714 450 Condon Terrace SE apt 302 578-17-6898

Joseph Lee Sala

This high ranking govt official hasn't seen or contacted his son in over 23 years and owes well over $163,000

Mike Mike

This dude is nasty as FUCK He has to many kids in the DMV. He his 35 year old and had a child by a 17 year old girl still in high school.

Monty Smith

Monty "Aka" Dinka Is a grown ass little boy. He like to deal with women he can manipulate, take advantage of and lie to. BEWARE ladies and "gentlemen" he talk a good game but is a self center little fuck! He think he's the shit because women boosting his pathetic ego until the see the true him. "MONTY IS A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING"

Derrick “duke” Thomas

This 40 yr old boat head has 9 kids he barely support. Snuck into a hotel rm and had sex with my cousin while she was passed out (RAPE). Baby was born in his birthday n has a nerve to brag but DO NOT SUPPORT THE BABY. Married since 2008 to Tamara whom has 4 of his kids but she say he come n goes as he pleases. Barely help her but ride around with his disease infested side bitch Brown while she fuckin his nephew behind his back. He always make promises but ain't worth a damn!! He drink n smoke throughout...


Well well well, looks like Donte is a world class hoe. I dealt with the lies and Bullshit over 6 years ago. I cut all communication with him when he told his 4th sons mother he didn't know me and that I wasn't pregnant with his child. The ssshole called me an hour later and said I had to tell her that so I could see my son, lls (yea right). I have a 6 yrs old daughter by him (and she is my world) and as far as I'm concerned it will be a cold day in hell before ANYONE in that family sees her. Dont...

Steven Straughter Jr

Bitches got some nerve hitting me up as is i was post to have some sympathy for yhis bitch nigga who said fuck mu daughter bitch plz yall sound dumb asf SHE GET TAKEN CARE OF REGARDLESS!!!! Wtf dont yall understand lmao

Damian “khalil” Gray

This nigga here he got like 8 kids he pick and choose which ones he take care of he bouce from babymomma to babymomma he crazy as shit !!!! He like to pretend he the father of the year but he aint shitt he stay in and out of jail and he drinkk tooo muchhh .... Stay away from himmm he aint shit but always hollering he changing smh never he still deadbeat damian

David Austin

He has done atleast one thing for all his kids accept one he only sees the child that he currently living with all he do is so pcp and drink and wanna live for free he is the definition of a weak ass nigga stay away from

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