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Stevin Moses

Stevin refuses to pay child support or assist with mounting medical bills. He owes $22,000 and my savings is tapped, credit cards tapped. The house has to be sold to pay bills!

Derrick Brathwaite

This man has 15 kids that he doesn't take care of. Owes child support and does not work please be aware of this man.

James Crawford

We have a 1 1/2 year old son. He NEVER calls to see how he is doing and has only seen him 2 or 3 times. And that was only because we had child support court. He has absolutely no interest in his son unless I am in a relationship with him. Please tell me tho, what type of woman would want to be with a "man" that is not involved in their childs life? He is supposed to be paying me $79a week but only pays 20 something , maybe 30 something IF I'M LUCKY, but yet just went on vacation.

Tyrell-wharton Robsinson

This nigga goes on facebook bashing his baby mother sonya talking about how he took care of her for 5 years. First of all nigga, i remember when you fucked me while engaged to her. Sonya is a hard working mother that bought this nigga two cars with her tax money, gave this nigga money and watched all 4 kids on the weekend when his ass was out at my house fucking me and coming home 3:00 in the morning. Yall think this nigga innocent? He not. He cheated on sonya and i was the bitch he fucked. No disrespect...

Marisol Mari Gonzalez

This bitch right has 2kids nd both of her kids are with their father do to this thot leaving them behind she claims that she do for them nd this bitch rather pop a bottle or her pussy then spend time with them so if anybady thinking of wifyin here think twice b.c she pop babys to leave them behind

Adriana Ciarleglio Pinky

Don forget this dub ass deadbeat bitch. Bitch meets all kinds of niggas off Facebook and gets what she deserves. Shouldve stayed home with yur son like yu claim yu do nd yu wouldn't have got ya ass all fucked up goin on a bike wit niggaz yu don't even kno. That's what yu get ... Worryed about meeting new niggaz rather than staying home wit yur son Fat ass bitch nasty as fuck. Sloppy ass lookin bitch yu be having these new niggas fooled smfh till they find out about that stinkin pussy. Hope that...

Sony Um

Instead of chasing dudes that don't give a fuck about worry about your kids you see where it gor u you dont even have your first son.

Robert Carter

He just never take care his son he owes 15,000 he post fake pics on facebook

Robert Carter

He just never take care his son he owes 15,000 he post fake pics on facebook

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