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Anthony Del Piano

Working under the table in Az and still in arrears over $50,000.00 but has a new home in Scottsdale Az?

Anthony Del Piano

Working under the table in Az and still in arrears over $50,000.00 but has a new home in Scottsdale Az?

Anthony Del Piano

Anthony is in arrears over $53,000.00. He avoided court in N.J. and there is now an active warrant for his arrest. He is now living in Arizona while working under the table.

Dawn Federico Berry Gray

Hello every one this is Dawn she claims to be a marine or navy chick which she isnt, she is a true hardcore liar. Dont trust her, she loves to steal money from the poor And spend it on drugz. Shes loves attention from tweekers. This girl is sooo low she steals from her mom Seriously who does that, shes sick n mentally ill. And also shes loves to go by many fake names Thank you

Deborah Childs

This "Great Mom" abandoned 4 daughters and fled to Arizona. She now teaches for the Yuma Public Schools as an elementary teacher and lives with her abusive prison guard husband. She hired a lawyer friend to commit fraud and to try to escape all financial and parenting responsibility. She was drunk for her last visit with any of her daughters and is unfit to parent or hold a job. If you live in Arizona, make sure she is not teaching your elementary children.

Todd C Shirey Jr

Todd shirey is a california native who now resides in arizona. He has 2 children, from 2 different women. Todd has abondoned both children, ages 7 and 2, several times over the course of tbeir lives, and has failed to willingly support both financially and physically, both children. Todd works, and never offers either of his childrens mothers any additional support and has often ignored court orders for visitation, and doesnt check in on his children, or even make himself available if the mothers...

Eddie Blair

Has five kids never taken care of them will quit working just so he don't have to pay child support would rather drink and smoke then take care of his responibilty

Eat Pussy Yolanda

THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE !!!!! She a whole thot all she wanna do is eat Pussy nd fet finger she stink and she smell like old pple and ass her baldhead ass them fake ass wanna be flays bitch get yo life.. She just straight bitch that girl in her school beat her ass haha bitch you dumb ass hoe then go wanna fuck yo fl why u burnt out your confused bitvh

Andy Barbosa

Sooooo this POS got my friend pregnant. Of course, his ex (who he's still got unresolved issues with) and his female BFF (who wants him for herself) are both in his ear, talking about my friend is lying, if she is pregnant, it's not his, so on and so forth. Let me tell you, my friend is 45, not some 20 y/o tryna hold onto some dude. She is pregnant with twin girls. She has given him the ultrasound pictures. Asked him to come to the Dr appts. He doesn't follow thru. His ex said she won't allow their...

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