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This guy owes OVER $48,000 in back child support. He hasn’t seen his son in almost 5yrs. He works for cash as a Carpet/Vinyl installer in an Oil Boom town Williston North Dakota where installers make OVER $200,000 a year. They have less than 1% in the unemployment rate there. He tries to say he is broke and there is hardly any work there. The population there has tripled! He goes to the extreme of hiding his assets by finding a mail order bride. He found one in Russia and brought her here from Moscow and married her and is raising her little boy. He doesn’t even see his OWN son. Can you say DEADBEAT? Some Men just need to grow some balls! This one is worthless. His parents help him cover up his lies. Shame on the grandparents for raising a low life.

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He also goes by Bobby or Robert. His wife’s name is Elena Sultanshina

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Hey Janice. Good post on this guy saw him on your facebook. We see this guy at the elementary school dropping of a little boy almost every morning in that truck. Let us know if you need more info. Can’t believe ANY Dad would not take care of their own kid!! Goes to show you if someone owes ANY back support they are a deadbeat PERIOD. Raising someone else’s kid? Really? I would think his wife would tell him to get off his ass and take care of your own! Either that or she’s not a very good Mom to let him get away with it.

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ALOT of people get paid cash!! All the out of staters like to pay that way, get more for your buck and all installers are eagor for money. A lot of millionaires living in Williston, you have to be lazy not to work jobs are everywhere. Crap you can get a job flipping burgers for $18hr with a sign up bonus!

Rent is a little high, but compared to other states that’s the norm. Building is going up EVERYWHERE, apartments, house and hotels. SO many jobs and not enough people or housing. Flooring installers are making bank here. Don’t understand why he wont pay for his own kid he can afford it. I pay for 2 kids back home and because I make so much money Im paying almost 2 grand! I take care of my own. Deadbeats suck. If I ever see him I would shame him-loser!!

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I know this guy and his parents, Julian works on the rigs. They hang out at the Epping bar and they drink all day. They are good friends of my parents. Bob works for cash just like a lot of installers, he has remodeled a bar in Williston with his bro Scott for cash awile back. People are making tons of money here, they say this is where the rich people live. He’s also Indian I’m sure he’s getting a good chunk of money from the res.

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