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This is Anthony “Tony” Bocash. Long story short, this jerk knocked me up, didn’t let me know about it, had to figure out why I was only sick in the mornings, etc, on my own. Told him about my pregnancy once confirmed and he tried to pressure me into getting an abortion. I refused. I got myself help through the Lund Family Center. Did I mention he gave me HPV? Could have developed into cervical cancer if went untreated. I wouldn’t have discovered this if it wasn’t for my check up with my doctor. I didn’t have health insurance until after discovering my pregnancy.
After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, which he did not attend, he convinces me to accept only $50 a month for child support. I accepted this crap amount at the time, being new to the court system. I just recently got this adjusted to at least meet minimum wage. He’s now living in the same city as I am after telling both myself and my daughter that, “he’s an entertainer, he has no time for his family, he’s moving to FL, we can come visit HIM.” Bullshit right? He tells his own daughter this. Now he’s living in the same city as I am and continues to be the same deadbeat piece of shit that he is. To top it off, he has a son who is now 18+ that he’s never taken care of and another daughter that is currently in foster care in Massachusetts named Mya. I have no information about her. I’ve written to every one of his family members and either have gotten no response or just telling me to ask him. I wish it was as easy as asking him. However, I can not since he is a compulsive liar and convinces himself of his own lies. In fact, when Indi was 6 months old, I asked, both him and his mother about a little girl being born in MA. I was excited about this b/c it meant Indi has a half sister. Family is important to me. Unfortunately, both, him and his mother, lied to my face and said, no, they went to MA to visit an candle factory and brought me a back a dozen candles…yep. I totally bought it. I found out in court a year or two later that, she was indeed born and her name is Mya. I was pissed. Now he’s not assuming an responsibility for her and my daughters half sister is in a foster home! I want information so I can adopt her! ::sigh::

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Hey i wanted to respond to this bc I was with him for 2 yrs. and just ended it in December of 2014. I can add to the fact that hes a complete FXckin loser. He was abusive Physically and emotionally and hes a registered sex offender. I wish that I hadnt wasted my time. When all of these things came out and he showed his true colors I was DONE!! The first and last time he put his hands one in front of my 5 yr old daughter was the last time. Hearing her screaming for him to stop during a 20 min beat down session was it!! He is a worthless piece of shit. Im sorry for what your going through and probably can find the info you need about Mya as I have alot of his paperwork from the courts. If you didnt know about his sex offender registry look it up….hes not aloud to be around kids!! I never knew until the end and he lies about EVERYTHING!!!

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I need to correct the date we split. It was january 1st new yrs day of 2014. All bc at a New Years eve party with all my coworkers the night before he hit me in front of EVERYONE. It carried into the above issue on new years day. I threw him out. It was my spot, that i paid for as I paid for everything bc he is a deadbeat. I wasnt gonna mention this but I too got pregnant (while
On birth control) but immediately aborted. Im prochoice so i hope it doesnt offend you. I found out very early and just took the pill bc I knew of his other kids and knew he was gonna be a deadbeat dad. Again im sorry. But i may be able to help.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your domestic dispute issues you suffered while you were with him. He honestly started getting physically violent with me in the middle of intimacy! It may have started off consensual, but when I asked him to stop, he simply replied, “it feels good to me though and continued on.” I began to cry because I was in physical pain and he ignored my cries to stop. That was the last time I chose to be intimate with him, he basically began to rape me and didn’t care that he was hurting me, it didn’t matter because, “it felt good to him.” He’s currently living in Burlington. My daughter saw him out at the movies with another woman and her child. Her babysitters took her to see the new dinosaur movie. She told me she felt, sad/mad seeing him there with another woman and child. I told her I understood as I feel the same way when I see him. I tell her, I immediately replace the angry thoughts about him with things that I am grateful for in my life. #1. I’m NOT this fucking loser!
Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to reply, I would love any information you could give me about Mya. I was in foster care myself growing up and know the risks of living in one. I can provide a safe and happy home for her and would love the opportunity to do so.
My daughter and I love Mya and would love to have her be apart of our lives.
Again, I’m so sorry to hear what he has put you though, he is not going to go very far in life the way he continues to treat women. He’s one fucked up dude. You’re right, he’s not allowed to be around kids. When I convinced him to come around and see his daughter, by seducing him, he tried to convince me to let Indi stay the night at his place with his roommates, that I’ve never met. I said, absolutely not, you need to have supervised visits with her and I never let her stay the night anywhere without me, unless it’s at my parents house. He got angry about this and replied, why do your parents get to have her overnight and I don’t! I’m her dad! I said, “dude! You haven’t been around, EVER, she doesn’t know you, nor do I really! I’ve never met your roommates and you’re a registered sex offender who legit raped me. A lot of your crimes still go unreported. I would be a terrible mother to let her go off with you! This truth obviously upset him and he never came around to see her again. I refuse to seduce him with my words in order to actually have him come around in the first place. My daughter needs to be protected from him, I’ve come to accept that. If he wanted to set up supervised visits to see his daughter, I have always let him know I would never stand in the way of him and his daughter. He chooses to stay away and live his shitty life full of lies. Anyway, if we can speak in private and exchange information, I would really appreciate any information about Mya for sure. She deserves to be around her family and people who love and care about her wellbeing. Unlike this asshole. Asshole is still not quite good enough…perhaps scumbag, skunk, deadbeat, batterer? All of the above perhaps? Yes.

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If your looking for this deadbeat he works at the Sheraton hotel in burlington near the highway. He works front desk and dresses all in his stupid suit and tie shit. He is worthless and has always had no friends, no where to live and no money or life. He thinks he’s black but he’s not, lately he thought he is Puerto Rican, he is not that either jist another wanna be dreamer from Eden vt, he’s no celebrity or actor or rapper etc. Just a washed up sex predator thinkin he’s a Harvard grad waiting to go to Florida,,which by the way never happens he manages always to be in vt and never leaves he couldn’t handle the truth if it hit him in the face put him on blast and call his job and tell anyone you can he’s a sex peep I hate him he’s a pathological liar and rapist.

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years ago this Anthony aka tre bocash use to hang out with a timothy mayo guy also from Eden, Tim was a flamer and openly gay, Anthony does in fact like to take the female role and receive it in the ass Tim told everyone,, they were realm close maybe that’s where all the Micheal jackson and dancing stuff came into play, rumor has it he spread gonorrhea and HIV between parters and never wanted to have protected sex. He is a straight bum,,he use to beat his mom up too when he lived with her Debbie foy is his baby moms she is also from Eden and he never helped at all with there son Noah, not one cent he just drank danced fucked and smoked crack or whatever drug he could ingest he is a waste of air someone should air him out, go to Florida already Vermont will take a shit on you all the way to Florida, maybe you should stay there also since you have nothing positive ever happening here except spreading disease bastard children and a Peter pan fairy tale.

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