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This is Anthony “Tony” Bocash. Long story short, this jerk knocked me up, didn’t let me know about it, had to figure out why I was only sick in the mornings, etc, on my own. Told him about my pregnancy once confirmed and he tried to pressure me into getting an abortion. I refused. I got myself help through the Lund Family Center. Did I mention he gave me HPV? Could have developed into cervical cancer if went untreated. I wouldn’t have discovered this if it wasn’t for my check up with my doctor. I didn’t have health insurance until after discovering my pregnancy.
After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, which he did not attend, he convinces me to accept only $50 a month for child support. I accepted this crap amount at the time, being new to the court system. I just recently got this adjusted to at least meet minimum wage. He’s now living in the same city as I am after telling both myself and my daughter that, “he’s an entertainer, he has no time for his family, he’s moving to FL, we can come visit HIM.” Bullshit right? He tells his own daughter this. Now he’s living in the same city as I am and continues to be the same deadbeat piece of shit that he is. To top it off, he has a son who is now 18+ that he’s never taken care of and another daughter that is currently in foster care in Massachusetts named Mya. I have no information about her. I’ve written to every one of his family members and either have gotten no response or just telling me to ask him. I wish it was as easy as asking him. However, I can not since he is a compulsive liar and convinces himself of his own lies. In fact, when Indi was 6 months old, I asked, both him and his mother about a little girl being born in MA. I was excited about this b/c it meant Indi has a half sister. Family is important to me. Unfortunately, both, him and his mother, lied to my face and said, no, they went to MA to visit an candle factory and brought me a back a dozen candles…yep. I totally bought it. I found out in court a year or two later that, she was indeed born and her name is Mya. I was pissed. Now he’s not assuming an responsibility for her and my daughters half sister is in a foster home! I want information so I can adopt her! ::sigh::

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