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Anthony James Knight




Thiso here is Anthony. He has 3 kids. Two by me and 1 by another woman. He had given up his rights to the one child and even missed his birth because he was “high”. He has a 10 year and a 10 month old by me, which he hardly ever sees. He wants no relationship with his son and has been in and out of his life. He even stole his son’s video games so he could get “high”. He eventually got clean for a small amount of time when I found out I was pregnant with our 10 month old daughter. He then was an asshole through that pregnancy and he had the balls to not comfort me during labor because he was “sick”. He went out when she was 4 days old and stayed out an entire night because he was “drunk” months later I find out he’s back using and told him “he could leave and never see his daughter again” he looked me straight in the eyes and said “ok” He always makes plans to see his kids bit never shows up. He likes to hang with strippers and pay for escourts. Don’t fuck with this man, and donot get yourself pregnant to him. He will NOT be there for you or your children. He is the selfish man I ever known.

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