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Had a child 2002….then ran away a year later…came back when she was 5…saying he was sorry addicted to drugs…now his daughter is 15..He lives in Brentwood with his girlfriend and her two kids…but does not see the need to pay child support for every reason under the sun….but yet never did pay child support always working off the books….his girlfriend is a snake and wants it all…he is a coward and is yellow….

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I am sad to say that Anthony has passed away.. his journey is over …and i wish i could take down this post but i am finding out this website does not ALLOW removal of any posts ..i have tried matter how hard i tried.

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Since Anthony has passed away unaware that this post even existed I feel it is my duty to get his side of the story out there as told to me during the past 10 years by Anthony himself.

Back in 1999 Anthony was living at home with his parents attempting to get his life back on track. At said time he was working off the books and had his drug issues. During this time a family friend introduced him to the woman who wrote the above post (for privacy sake I shall refer to her as Ms. Doe). At which time his family begged this friend not to do this and informed her of the substance use and his not being ready for this. Ms Doe being older and already once divorced knew full well what she was getting into as she was told from the very beginning but she did not seem to care. As her friends were all getting married and having babies of their own she did not want to get left behind. With her biological clock ticking she persuaded Anthony who was in no way ready for a relationship let alone a marriage to move in with her. His not being ready was evident by his continued substance abuse. Ms. Doe felt she could “fix” him and everything would be as she wanted. One thing led to another and Ms. Doe became pregnant leading to the marriage. This pregnancy failed and at that point Ms. Doe insisted on attempting to immediately become pregnant again. Anthony did not agree with this but he did not push the issue due to the fact that he found out Ms. Doe had been in a mental institution earlier in which he said the doctors deemed her insane. He did not want to make a bad situation any worse and just went along with her to keep the peace.

In 2001 Ms. Doe got her wish and became pregnant again. From there the arguments started with regards to substance abuse. This had been an ongoing issue but now since she was pregnant she refused to accept that he just wouldn’t stop using. Ms. Doe knew of this all along yet felt the need for a child was so great and thought that having a child would just magically “fix” his problem.

In 2002 the child was born BUT in no way shape or form did he run away in fact it was Ms. Doe who took the child and left blaming his drug usage, the same drug usage of which she knew of long before their short lived marriage ever happened let alone the birth of the child. For the life of me I will never understand what makes anyone think they can magically “fix” or change somebody. What’s baffling to me is the fact that Ms.Doe doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Anthony would give his parents cash and they would issue a check to her instead of him giving her the cash as he did in the past this way he would have proof of the child support payments he was making. When Anthony was down at the bottom and unable to give child support his family stepped in and was sending Ms.Doe payments weekly to support his child.

Yes Anthony was battling demons most of you knew nothing about but to hear Ms. Doe tell the story you would think he was a horrible father when the fact of the matter is he was a great father when Ms. Doe would allow him to see the child. Giving one excuse after the next as to why he couldn’t see the child. I have witnessed Ms.Doe refuse to allow him to see the child on numerous occasions and it broke his heart but with her mental status always in the back of his mind he did not push the issue.

Ms.Doe knew full well that posting this would hurt his family who was very good to her and treated her as one of their own. She didn’t care as long as she hurt him. She was upset that he had moved on (as is evident by her posting a photo that doesn’t belong to her and that is not of just Anthony). If this was just about child support my photo would not be included and for that reason alone I have contacted a lawyer and Ms. Doe will be hearing from my attorney. Ms. Doe never gave a thought to the family ties that she broke by posting this, those of which will NEVER be repaired. All she cared about was getting back at Anthony. Again I take comfort in the knowledge that he never even saw it.

Let me make it clear that I do not agree with how this was handled by either of them nor do I agree with his not paying child support at all times no matter how difficult she made it for him at the end.. I believe there are two sides to every story and having witnessed many of Ms. Doe’s antics firsthand I felt it was necessary to get his side out there. Living with him the past 10 years and having to watch him deal with her insanity it was clearly visible the enormous strain on it placed on Anthony and I am at peace with knowing he will never have to deal with her craziness again.

REST IN PEACE BABY BOY…..until we meet again remember I will never stop loving you… keep watching over us and keep us all safe

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