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Adam is the father of a very good friend of mines son. I met her when she was pregnant and he had already abandoned her to deal with it by herself, she wasn’t in a good place to be left in.

We became reacquainted last fall. I have heard all about the things he’s done to her. She applied for child support, so he made a CPS report against her to intimidate her from following through on it. She sent him a Christmas card from their son and he called police saying she was harassing him for Christ’s sake.

He doesn’t give a crap about their son. He has never paid a penny. He hasn’t seen him once in months. He’s just a deadbeat.

This guy is a ruthless jerk who doesn’t take responsibility for anything. She’s scared to stand up to him. It’s such a sad thing to witness.

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Adam Witherill…. Father of 6 children. By 4 different woman, and pays no child support. He is abusive and had multiple orders of protection on him. All of his children struggle while he is out doing his thing on tinder, and Craigslist. He is supported by his mother and robbed his ex wife of everything before she moved out because of the abuse, cheating and drugs. Than his next girlfriend he screwed her over with having to take care of their child alone, and than taking the 2000 dollars she gave him for his past due Lot rent and spent it on drugs. He also was caught multiple times in bed with other women in their home with his kids in the other room… than while this was all going on he had another child with another woman that is now in the hands of child protection because of her continued Meth use… which leads any knowledgeable person to believe he was using as well. We don’t want to forget about his very first son that he rarely sees, and only sees because his family makes him. He claims he can’t work because all that’s crazy woman cause him to have PTSD and is on all these benzodiazepines to not feel the way he does. Now he is fighting for social security benefits that he was already denied through a TV lawyer. …… This is a dedicated deadbeat…. location HamLAke

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I dated this guy briefly in 2015 and he slept with my friend, and then told me it was my fault because I left him them alone in my house while I went to pick up our Chinese food! Met him on POF. He told me he only had 2 kids! Deadbeat.

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