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Norman Branch

My son is almost an adult. His father has made a choice not to provide for him. We recently removed him from our lives. He has only paid less than 1000 dollars over 17 years. He needs to know his actions has caused him not to know an amazing young man.

Sean Beast of War Gee (mma Fighter)

My GrandDaughter Father Sean Beast of War Gee MMA Fighter and is a DeadBeat Dad he refused to take care of his oldest daughter but he can take care of his other kids this is his first born and he’s a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter he do not want to talk to her she do not understand at… Read More »

Adrienne Michelle Benyard

I regret ever meeting this devil. I believe all 4 of her baby daddies do including me. She is a lost miserable soul that try to make everybody else miserable. She is a unfit pill popping weed smoking unfit foster group home Cunt. She gave me custody to my girls and one of them isn’t biological mines because she don’t… Read More »

Bstls Bsteels Bobby Steels

Not a man at all he use females for shelter and money He never stood on his own two feet as an adult he lies about everything He cheats His rap career isnt going no where you mad old bruh get a real job 34 never had a job or a stable life Make babies and deny them knowing DNA… Read More »

Prisella Saenz

My name is Robert and I have a about to be 10 year old with Prisella. We had my son when we both were 16 and even though I don’t regret my child I regret having him with this low life deadbeat. I’ve taken care of him since he was born and when she got pregnant with another mans child… Read More »

Joe Alarcon

Mr. Alarcon and were married for 10+ years. He was emotionally and physically abusive to me. He had always been emotionally abusive to our autistic son. I left him for a real man who took us away from his constant abuse and divorced him. Upon this he pretended to be amicable but continued to be abusive towards our son. After… Read More »

Serrita Montague

This chick has two kids and does not have custody of them or do anything for them. All she does is smoke crack and whore around the city. She was even married to a Bi Sexual dude, so make sure you strap up. She gives sob stories so people can contribute and give her crack money.

Larry S Majors

After 23 years and 2 children, I finally left for good. We made a verbal agreement that he would pay $80 a week child support. He is a drywall finisher and I’m a home health side. He makes approx $2200 a month and I make $1100 if I get 36 hours plus. Due to his many addictions, he stopped paying.… Read More »

Derrick J Aguilar

My son is now 8 years old. His dad walked out the door on Christmas Day when our son was 6mo old. He took all my money and left. He has never paid a dollar of child support and brags about all he has from working under the table and having women take care of him. He has said it… Read More »

Perry Reed

Here is a man that makes babies and don’t take care of them. Even lies about who he is then after making a baby disappears. He lies about how many kids he has. I think he is at 8 now. He flashed like he balling but never provides for any of his kids.

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